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Feeling more positive

Hi Everyone,

I haven't posted for a while and thought I would let you know how things are progressing. After the doctor said he was not happy with my progress and was considering changing the Eyelea to something else, nothing has changed. On my next visit I was told no injection needed this time - great! On a recent visit to my GP, I asked if the hospital kept her informed about my eyes. She said yes and we had a little chat about how things were. My hearing aids are not perfect and I don't catch everything. She asked if I would like her to find out the statistics, not sure what, but I said yes. A couple of hours later she phoned me to say she had spoken to the consultant at the hospital. He said the AMD had been detected early and I was in the top group of people who would most benefit from the injections. I was so impressed with such great service from my new GP.

Last week I had injections in both eyes. I asked the injecting doctor if she could go easy on the iodine as I thought it was responsible for giving me such bad after effects. She turned out to be the best I have had yet. She went easy on the iodine and told me everything she was doing - in a lovely clear voice! I had almost no after effects to speak of. I was also pleased that she did both eyes at the same time, instead of having to go back to the waiting room and going through all the performance of getting settled on the bed again.

I'm feeling very fortunate at the moment - great new GP and super efficient injection doctor.

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Hi Bobby, that is great news! I hope everything keeps going well for you from now on. I hope I am one of the fortunate people too whose wet AMD has been detected early. I am awaiting my first eyelea injection - waiting for my appointment date. On my previous visit to the hospital the consultant said I had dry AMD in both eyes. Now, 4 weeks later, although nothing seems to have changed on the monitor as I can see, my eyesight has worsened just slighly and now he suggests that treatment for wet is appropriate. My connected condition, pigment epithelial detachment (PED) with vitreo-macular traction may have been the reason for his reluctance to offer treatment as there seems to be a question mark over the effectiveness of AVEG. I am glad your GP enlightened you. I too learned from my GP what my exact condition is - not from the consultant. Having said that, on my last visit to the hospital I had to query an issue with the consultant and he was far more forthcoming with his information. Take care and all the best. From ayayay.

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Great news for you x


Hi Bobbie wot fab news how amazing 😄😄😄 so its cleared up in both eyes? I've just had my third injection and this time no after effects but same doct did it. Anyway good luck and long may it continue yaaaaaay no injections for you xxx


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