Injection today cancelled

Just been on holiday to Italy but unfortunately contracted shingles when I was there, so painful, must be my low immune system. Had my appointment yesterday for my third injection but they couldn't do it because the virus was still there. The consultant said I needed injection but too risky so gotta wait until next Tuesday, so disappointed☹️

Squinty x

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  • So sorry to hear that, poor you squinty xxx you must be so frustrated xxx. Hopefully you recover well from the shingles and your next inj goes ahead ok next week (did you ever think you would be wanting that ?!) X

    Yes, I expect the events of the last few months have left you susceptible to the virus, our health& immune system is affected so much by stress etc.

    Hope you are back on track asap x

  • Yeh it's a bummer, laughing to myself about ur comment as it's the last thing I want is those horrible injections! It's recovering well and I'm much better that pain has gone so onwards to next Tuesday 😄 Thanks Eyesright hope all ok with you x

  • So sorry to hear what has happened to you squinty, that was the last thing you needed. I hope all goes well for you on Tuesday. Take care.xx

  • Hi sal2, yeh you are right but it seems to have been quite a short sharp attack and it's on the mend now phew 😄 Roll on next Tuesday to be back on track! Hope u ok and coping xx

  • So sorry to hear of your problems. My son had shingles last year and he was in awful pain for weeks. I hope you are well enough for your injection on Tuesday. Amazing that we should feel disappointed not to be given the injection. I felt exactly the same when after confusing information the consultant decided to wait. We just want to get on with it to preserve the vision we have left.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  • Hi Ayayay80 I know fancy being disappointed about not having this terrible injection although u have yet to experience it! The consultant said I needed this inject asap as fluid mounting up. Luckily the shingles have practically cleared up and the dreadful stabbing pains have gone. I got the medicine very quickly and it's done the trick so should be good for next Tuesday! How's you at the moment? Squinty xx

  • Hi Squinty. My next appointment is next Wednesday. Don't know what will happen. Will ask the consultant a few questions though.

    Good luck to all you wonderful people


  • Well we all want to hear how you get on 💜 Keep in touch n good luck X

  • Oh gosh, so sorry about shingles! My daughter actually got that when she was 10 so painful.

  • Luckily it's practically gone 😄 Only injection to look forward to next Tuesday NOT ☹️ Thanks Lynae xx

  • God bless

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