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Greet every day with a smile and treat every obstacle as a challenge.Be HAPPY!!

2005 was a bad year and over the next 10 years things have slowly developed into pockets of good and bad.

2005 depression and anxiety due to a physical and mental breakdown

2008 lost my granddaughter to brain trauma

2010 diagnosed with copd

2012 diagnosed with polymyalgia

2014 high blood pressure

2016 macular degeneration

Have had a kidney stone for 15 or so years and had a stent fitted about 3 years ago

My mental condition is manageable and I am off anti-depression drugs.I have a loving wife and family and I'm grateful for such a close bond.

Life is still good, My condition is manageable, with good and bad days and I look forward to life, whilst staying positive.

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I feel so sad for you.This is such a lot to bear. SEnding positive vibes:)

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Thank you for such a positive message! It's this positive attitude which gets us through the bad times. It's good to concentrate on that which is good in our lives, and a loving family is No 1!


Oh my goodness - you've certainly had more than your fair share! Happy that you are feeling positive. Life is too short to worry about things we cannot change and worrying stops you enjoying the good stuff. Xx

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Hi garethgti sending you a hug x Good for you getting off the antidepressants, useful for a short term crutch but much better to balance your mind and mood with the joy of life and all it offers as you seem to have done (yes, having a loving partner makes a huge difference, we are lucky).

Thankyou for sharing your positivity. Best wishes to you going forward x

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