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Injection update

Hi everyone. Last Thursday I had another checkup. I told the consultant about the bad time I had after the last two visits. I got the same reply as before about the injections making your eyes dry. I asked if different doctors had different techniques as I haven't always had the same problem. I was told they all do the same! On Thursday I had injections in both eyes by a doctor I had before when I only had sore eye for a short time. Same again with this doctor. One eye was better in less than 24 hours and the other just 2 days. The consultant confirmed wet AMD in both eyes and I am having Eylea. If only I could have this same doctor every time, it would be far less stressful. We have recently got back from a 3 week holiday and the hospital did arrange appointments to fit around our dates. Obviously going away for longer periods will be difficult unless my eyes stabilise. Feeling much happier at the moment.

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Hi Sophie glad you're feeling happy at the moment x great news on you having the good Dr - probably quicker and less heavy handed than the others ! I feel for you having inj in both eyes, I would find that very hard. Best of luck going forward x


Your consultant seems very unsympathetic but do stand your ground about the choice of staff who inject. Maybe talk to the optometrists and nursing staff anout your problem while the preliminary tests are done. You are not alone - there is a significant number of patients who suffer from side effects as a consequence of a number of known factors. A minority of us, true, but that doesn't excuse the lack of concern. Talk to other patients in the waiting area too if you can. Air the problem quietly. It took me quite a few injections before I worked out some of the causes and then I made myself very clear about who I did not want to treat me. I was not 'marked a nuisance' as a consequence.

It is your right to ask for another medic to treat you if you are unhappy about your situation.

Good Luck!


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Thanks Gill. At our hospital, there only appears to be one doctor giving injections each time I have attended the clinic. I have had, I think about 5 different ones who are rotated. I never know who is on duty until I go into the ops room.


I would suggest you ask the staff who you know cause less problems about their rota and try to get your appointment when you know one of them is going to be on duty, or at least avoid the one who does cause you grief. Don't give up! There must be a way of finding out beforehand without upsetting the applecart. Gently does it... in every meaning of the word!

Good luck!

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