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What Assistive technologies do you use?

Hi all,

Although I don't suffer from Macular Degeneration myself, my Grandfather contracted the condition last year and his condition rapidly deteriorated. As a product design student and because of this, I decided to do my final year project at researching currently available assistive technologies, and how they could be improved. To help me gain insights into the prevalence of assistive technologies such as screen readers and magnifying glasses, If you would have the time to fill out this short survey it would be greatly appreciated, and help steer the direction of my project. The link is below, thank you for your time!

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Hi samdill, I went to your survey, was surprised you dont ask what assistive technologies have been tried and discarded and for what reason.

eg I tried magnifying overspecs for sewing but they were no good for me as not strong enough for one eye and too strong for the other. I then bought a cheap freestanding lighted magnifier screen which helped but its quite bulky and the angle is crucial (the expensive ones may be better but Im not at the point I need to spend that much!).

i am thinking about trying those adjustable focus specs recently advertised but not sure if they will magnify greater than my varifocals.

Also use needle threading tools without which I would be unable to sew at all.

For reading it's key to be able to enlarge the screen text, I use a Sony e reader, an android smart phone and tablet, and a windows based laptop (my hubby, also with eye probs, has ipad).

At work the pcs are ancient so they got me a very big monitor and set the resolution to big ! Also use a black and yellow keyboard which really helps.

This forum is great but I cant enlarge the text on it which is a pain ha ha.

Good luck with your project.

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Hi Eyesright

If you want the text on this forum to be bigger, try using Google Chrome as your browser, there is an item to zoom the screen in the Menu, it works great for me!



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Hi eyesright.

Fantastic, thank you so much for your feedback! That's an excellent point, I'll modify one of the questions accordingly (annoyingly as it's the free version of survey monkey I'm constrained to only 10 questions.)

Really appreciate the details behind what you've tried and your current solutions. I will be sure to keep you all posted as the project develops- its gone quite far already but I wanted to validate my research and thoughts thus far.

All the best,


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I have filled in your survey.

It would be really great if you could somehow share the results in detail with us on this forum, also the Macular Sociey?

Thanks, David


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