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Havent been on the site for a while but just want to let anyone worried about wet AMD & the Lucentis injections that you can hopefully be as lucky as i have been.

Had lots of initial problems & hiccups but after 3 Lucentis injections my sight in the affected eye is better than it was just prior to the first injection.

Have a check up appointment next week & hope my Consultant will be as pleased as i am.

Mentally keeping my fingers crossed that the improvement lasts as long as possible.

Very grateful to the whole team at the Clinic in Colchester as they have been wonderful.

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That is brilliant news, fingers crossed for you as well!

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That's great news. I had 3 avastin injections and it stopped the bleed. It's been stable since May 2012 so there is hope! Glad to hear its worked for you.


Excellent news, so it's fingers crossed for all of us. I'm in much the same position as AlinaL: condition stable for a good while so expect to be retired, as it were, from the Eye Clinic fairly soon. My injections were Avastin, in Inverness. (Background worry: what if the other eye becomes affected and I can't read?)

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This ( swift recovery from wet AMD after just a few intravitreal injections ) must anger those like my sister who have had it so long it's untreatable or sufferers with dry AMD.


I don't think anger is the reaction which most patients have when they hear of the success of the lucky ones. We all know it's a lottery. Even the lucky ones, like me, are always living in anxiety, knowing that it can return, start in the other eye, develop dry..... ..

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That is fantastic news! I've now had my 2nd round of 3 Lucentis jabs for bleeds/swelling due to pathogenic myopia (can't remember the exact term...) & it seems to be holding my vision again thankfully, so I can carry on working etc.

Like others though, it is often on my mind that I'll have another bleed, or in my case go on to develop mac gen in addition. Hard not to worry though.


Thanks to all taking time to reply, seems i opened a 'can of worms' saying i have been lucky.I am sorry for isherwoodjon's sister but just wanted to let anyone as terrified as i was,still am, that there can be a good result.

Maybe mine will flare up & be untreatable, no one knows. I also have dry in my other eye with 50% chance it turns to wet which is scary as my voluntary work is tied to reading.

Hopefully the new research will mean a cure for Wet & Dry AMD for us all.

If older people could be told that the symptoms are not just advancing old age more would know to get treatment before it is too late.

Thanks to the Macular Society i was aware & owe my good result in large part to that.

Good luck to us all for the future


That is such good news! Lovely to hear from you again.

Best wishes, Muddlepud


Hi Muddlepud, nice to hear from you again too.Have my fingers crossed that the good result lasts for a while now.

Hope it encourages others who are worried that sometimes there are good results if only for a while.

Regards, Cormorin


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