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Bone and muscle ache long long after finish chemo

Muscle and bone pain long after finishing R-CHOP chemo. I am 14 months in clinical remission but lately my wrists, some fingers, bottom of thumbs and back of some lower ribs are aching at night..

I have just had total hip replacement on left hip and doc thinks that the Osteoarthritis that was there and hardly bothered me before , was now really exaggerated by the chemo so I had the new hip fitted.

I take D3 4000 IU and K2, NAC and Alpha Lipoic Acid daily . In addition I also take Glucosamine and Vit B. I exercise regularly ( weights) and also walk a lot (35 min march daily) plus Pilates twice a week.

The pain in wrists and ribs and sometimes ankles never bother me during the day when I'm up and about being busy but at night when Im trying to sleep...

Very annoying. Anyone had this after chemo/ R-CHOP?

I am 68 years of age and my Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma was diagnosed in July 2015.

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I have had pain in hands and feet since CHOEP chemo over a year ago. There is no way in telling if this will ever go away. I recommend gentle exercise and a good healthy diet. However, my doctor said that changes can be expected for some people especially if we are a little older :( Kim