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"New to the site"

I'm new here. I am a 70 yr. old female with Lymphoma. They don't know what kind except to say that it is not "non Hodgkin's" I think I am a "wait and see"client however I feel very alone as I live rurally and it is difficult to look up symptoms as it is as yet unclear what kind of lymphoma I have.

Does anyone else experience? :

1) loss of hair and scalp itching? (I'm on no meds)


3) Lots of folks suddenly smile at you but avoid visits (likely fear)

4) painful tumours

5) lots of headaches

6) unusual fatigue

7) sore throat

8) nausea and lack of appetite and taste

I would love to hear from somebody

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I recommend you get a second opinion from a hematologist/oncologist. You have classic non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) symptoms that may now require treatment. Since the treatments vary widely depending on what type of NHL you have (there are 60+ NHL types).


Thanks so much. Don't know why the bloodwork showed not-non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. I'll ask on my next teleconference call. Living rurally I have fewer options. It was very reassuring however to have you validate my symptoms. The oncologist repeats "not likely caused by your lymphoma". One can go crazy without some validation. I will look further on the internet for different types. I think that you have put some wind beneath my "get some answers" wings!


Online can be scary. Stick to sites like Mayo and Cleveland Clinic. You'll know much more when the hemotogist/oncologist confirms your subtype.


Hi. I'm a 61 yr old who had mantle cell lymphoma. I had all those symptoms, still have some as is possible after strong chemo. I'm 5 years out past diagnosis, still in remission. If you're watch and wait, hopefully you'll get over the shock of diagnosis and get back to enjoying life as it is. Tell your doctor about your symptoms, they can help with the nausea. Eat well, exercise and consider volunteering or joining a church group so you can be with people. This group is great and people will help you through your journey.


I have non-hodgkins T cell lymphoma so I cannot answer your questions about Hodgkin's lymphoma. I can tell you that weight loss and loss of appetite are common problems in lymphoma. IT is important that you find out exactly what kind of lymphoma you have. Then google the type you have and look for pieces of research......not other writings.....but research. Find out what treatments you will need and research that as well. IF it is a rare or aggressive lymphoma get a second opinion in a larger city. IF it is a common B cell lymphoma, it is very treatable ..even curable! All the best. Kim

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