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feeling odd

morning fellow loopies!

for the last week or so i seem to be losing the ability of keeping up with time? i mean that im doing things in auto pilot and have to check ive done them or my mind goes daydreamy?

i can sit and watch a tv prog but i zone out and cannot recall a thing when its over?

im not explaining this very well,i know we all daydream at times but this shoudnt happen when im crossing main roads or at work when attention to my enviroment is vital.

i have been pushing myself lately as have to work to live etc and my body is hurting more than usual but i cannot take days off work to rest,that really isnt an option. i get about 4 good nights sleep a week (about 6 hrs) but other nights i wake after nightmares or night sweats or my mind wont switch off and i cannot drift off.

i have my rhuemmy appt in may,but to be honest i dont know why i go as she doesnt listen and im thinking of quitting seeing her altogether as ive gained SO MUCH info and knowledge from you guys than she has given me in 8 years. i go so my bloods can be checked, my gp says its not his duty to care for my lupus its a specialists duty so im feeling quite abandoned to be honest. (sorry,im NOT feeling sorry for myself )

how can i get my senses to "wake up" and zone in again please? x

also,i had an "attack" as i call it of my usual spring allergy to something and had the usual hives appear on my forearms and dabbed with camamile lotion and now taking low dose antihistamines daily until autumn. but this happened feb time but the bruises are still there? (although fading,but taking ages to disappear,is this normal for us loopies please?)

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This sounds like a lupus flare, you need to get it calmed down ASAP! The night sweats and nightmares and now the cognitive impairment and increased sensitivity to allergens speak volumes. Regardless if your rheumatologist listens to you, go to your gp and ask that you're given something to calm this flare down - don't let them say that you need to see the rheumie or that you need blood tests first - say that wd be too late for you and that clinically you have noticed a significant increase in symptoms and you are certain lupus is getting aggravated, so you can't wait, you need something now. Don't take any c@@p about duty of care, your GP has a duty of care to EACH patient that enters his/her cabinet, regardless of the specialists you are referred to in the meantime. If the GP doesn't feel comfortable to prescribe you anything, ask him whether is best to go to A&E or whether he can organise some emergency treatment somewhere. It is his/her duty to ensure you are taken care of, so insist he/she does it.

Just don't start daydreaming while you speak to your GP :)


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