does anyone else hate having this flares n feels sorry for person tht looking after you?

i am loving this website it makes me feel like tht i am not on my own i feel tht ppl wiv lupus only know wat i am goin thro n i hate the fact tht i feel so ill n keep having flare ups every couple of days tht i get stuck on couch all day coz i cant lay on a bed n i feel sorry for my family tht looks after me n i feel tht ppl dont understand sumtime how ill i feel even if i say i feel ill but they dont actually understand tht sumtime i feel like its ten jobs to even move or even talk lately sumtime can b hard n i lve talking but i got dizzy n it takes me few second to even know wat they r saying at times i feel so bad n having bad flare up now

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  • It is hard as you can be ok to feel awful the next day. It was hard for my husband especially when health can be so up and down. My specialist nurse was great I explained the problem and we had a joint appointment with her. It helped my husband to hear things from a health professional. He does struggle sometimes still however it is soooo much better.

  • Im totaly with you on this one ;(((((i flare weekly i hate it ,and feel soooooo guilty ,but i also wish that my family could experience this disease for a week and then they would understand,i feel for you ,your not alone ;)

  • i feel sorry for my husband who has to look after me when im in a flare up as he has his problems as well but it is hard for family or friends to understand what we go through unless they experience it i am so glad that i am not alone

  • Yes i know how you feel i am in flare and have been for two weeks now. one week before my period and one during. I am exhsusted, no energy, lung tightness very bad, breathless without moving around. had lupus for along time now and still find coping with flares difficult. it helps to know others understand because they know what it is like.

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