Can you be an organ donor if you have sle?

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  • I certainly hope so. I`ve been on the list for as long as I can remember. Although I would like to leave a note for the people who get my bits it would read. `Please use wisely, lots of fresh air and exercise, or else I`m coming back to haunt you` haha.

  • I know you cant donate blood. When I was speaking to the blood donor people I asked that very question & he wasnt sure either , just that lupus is on the list of conditions that they cannot accept blood from. I suppose it depends on wether theres organ damage due to lupus (I carry a card).

  • Actually you can I donate blood every quarterly and I have SLE and discoid lupus

  • My post was supposed to say " I know I can't..."

    Auto correct is not always helpful!!

  • I have Lupus SLE and I donate blood. Simetimes I get rejected due to low iron/anemia

  • i asked my gp about 6mth ago she wasn't sure but did say it was always worth a doing as they might be able to get something

  • i have always been told we cant give blood or donate organs - but that was a few years ago when i asked so it might have changed.

  • Sorry but the answer is NO.

    But I did donate a kidney to my wife before I was diagnosed, the very slow and painful recovery was part of how I came to be diagnosed.

    Since then I was contacted by the Anthony Nolan register to act as Bone marrow donor, - I was a final stage match, but when I told them about my Lupus status the lady said that my antibodies could potentially kill the patient. I ponted out that I had successfully donated the kidney and she said that I really shouldnt have.

    Interestingly, my kidney has now survived 10 years and is doing OK. -Which to me at leasts says that as a lupus sufferer , donation should not be ruled out.

  • Sorry if this is a silly question but did your wife suffer any side effects from receiving your kidney? Could she have developed lupus then too?

  • Again yes I have SLE and I donate blood all the time

  • Perhaps you got Lupus from the donation. I got SLE after an auto accident. Stress, shock and trauma ti the body triggered the Lupus.

  • We CAN be blood donors, checked today on there website , got an e.mail back ... Saying you have to check what medication you are on , I'm on Quinoric so can't donate until 12months after I have finished my 3 months of tablets.... So if you can donate do ... P.s did,nt ask about organ donation...

  • I think this has to do with medication. You cannot donate blood whilst on certain lupus medication.

  • I struck out because I have to take warfarin

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