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how safe dexamethasone during SLE pregnancy after 28 weeks ?

I am 25 yrs female having SLE Pregnancy with anti-SSA/Ro Borderline Positive & anti-SSB/La Negative, Anti Ds-DNA positive, recommendation of rheumatologist, i have repeated scan every altenate week & once unexpectedly fetal tachycardia was noted, (which is not common in SLE Pregnancy with anti-SSA/Ro) with occasional episode of normal heart rate with missed or blocked atrial beat was noted, then dexamethasone is taken for 4 weeks of dose 4mg on rheumatologist's suggestion & now in every repeat scan FHR comes in range 145 to 145 BPM - normal & PR interval is 110 mps, everything is normal in fetal growth & heart structure, But i am suggested to take dexa still with reduced dost of 3 mg for safer side, so how safe to continue 3mg dexa after 28 weeks in case of everything is normal for fetal ? will it be harmful for growth of fetal if dexa is taken still after 28 week for next 4 weeks ? please reply soon if any one can solve my curiosity.

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Hi gm2012

I haven't got any personal experience of this, so looked up dexamethasone, & found it's a synthetic steroid. My cousin has APS & was given high dose steroids during her pregnancy with no problems to herself or the baby. That was 8 years ago. I also know of one lupie who is expecting at the moment & is on high does of steroids, as she can no longer have her usual chemo without effecting the baby. So possibly this is routine treatment, but how about contacting the lupus nurse on the St Thomas' Lupus Trust website. I'm sure she could help you.

I hope you get lots of replies from lupies with more knowledge on this subject. Very best wishes for you & the baby. X


Hi I had steriods ( but not Dextamethasone) when I was having my son back in 1993 Prednisalone, I think I had the same problems as you (sorry I can't remember but I've had lots of chemo since then & have brain fog)and had my son by c section at 30 weeks because the dopla showed that he was not getting what he needed to survive. He was born 2 lbs13 oz and problem free and it was even stated that because I had been on the steriods since 8 weeks pregnant, that they had helped him develop his lungs and he was only on a ventalator for a couple of hours! I have antiphosphilipid & SLE, if thats any help. I have been on dextamethasone but only when I was having chemo.

I hope this helps you in someway ... The only thing that I know is that I would not have had him but for the steriods etc., sadly, I only managed to have one child.

I hope this helps .... Stay strong :))


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