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st thomas'

I have managed to get my app moved to 3 wks time with my Rheumy after loads of symptoms, fibro, and 3 positive ANA s'

I am hopefully gonna get some answers as i'm so fed up being in limbo!

Either way i have decided that i will ask the GP if he can refer me , to get a diagnosis or to look at my meds etc

Has anyone done this !? did you stay in ?

I want the best advice and care , and i have heard that they're the best, what are your experiences ? tell me everything !!!!! thanks xxx

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My experience of St.T's is only positive. But they have become a victim of their own success, and some consultants are in big demand.

In general you do have to work the system and be prepared to fight you case in order to get whats best for you.

Naturally we as lupus patients are not always best placed to do this.

Good luck.





I had a VERY bad year with symptoms and my rhuemy basically ignored me. I finally decided enough was enough and told my GP I wanted a referrral to St Thomas's. Before I saw my GP i sat down over a few days and did a spreadsheet with every symptom I could think of no matter how small or insignificant they seemed. I ended up with a list of 46 symptoms. I told him I could not be expected to carry on with such poor quality care and poor quality life. Having everything in front of him my GP immediately agreed to refer me to St Thomas. The wait was approx 8 weeks, but I paid to go private at London Bridge ( I was desperate ) it cost £200 and I was seen within days, after this I went back onto the nhs side for the original appointment. It was the best thing I have ever done. I have got further with the Drs at St Thomas in 6 months than I have with my Drs here in 5 years. They are amazing



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