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recent azathioprine blood test

Hi I have recently started on azathioprine, I have been taking it for about 6 weeks now and yesterday had the blood test taken which you need to do when starting treatment. Anyway this morning I had a message from my Rhuemy nurse to say my White blood cells were slightly low and to carry on taking the azathioprine but to repeat the blood test in 2 weeks.

Has anyone had this result and what does it mean? I thought the azathioprine lowered your immune system so wouldnt that mean the white blood cells would be lower?

Also I have booked to have a flu jab next week and im now wondering if I should put it off for a few weeks until my blood test looks more 'normal'?

Any advice would be appreciated thanks

Lulu xxx

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my wbc has always been low lulu even before treatment( im on a different immunesurpressant to you) but this is very comman,not only with the drugs but lupus itself,if the nurse says not to worry then dnt and i wouldnt put your flu jab off id still get it but double check with your doctor to put your mind at rest also keep in mind you have a low white blood count and remember good hand washing,avoid people with sickness bugs etc and if you start to get signs of a fever or infection go to your gp for antibiotics,you should be fine,take care xx


thanks for the reply its put my mind at ease x


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