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Had a bad experience with the GP today - he spent the whole time looking at the computer,not once did he look me in the eyes.

I have had 2 awful weeks - convinced I'm having a flare,no sleep/pain/sore throat/temperature/the worst fatigue ever!!!

He just didn't listen,said I probably just had a virus and I'd have to have bloods taken.

Nothing useful said to me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Aaaaarrrrggghhh - now feel like a fraud and will drag myself into work again tomorrow with my boss looking at me thinking why are you here??

I don't know what to do for the best.

Surely laying on the sofa in PJs at 7pm exhausted is not normal??????

Where has my life gone.

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I have found it impossible with my gp she treats me like her little project using me to learn about lupus rather than actually treating me in fact they have refused to prescribe my meds but need to look into them first 3 months later still no further into getting them prescribing. I think in general gps are useless with lupus because they don't see it very often. You aren't a fraud and it does sound like you are having a flare I would say go for an extended appointment and fully explain with a diary type examples of before flare and after. That's the only way I convince my doc of a flare. Good luck hope your flare is a short and quiet one.


Have you been referred to a Rheumatologist? In the first instance he/she should be able to contact your GP to explain your disease management and therefore your prescriptions should be easy to get. Secondly you can get LUPUS UK to contact your GP surgery with information on the disease, they have a very good book for GPs so they know what they might be dealing with - I have got one and if in doubt, I will be taking it with me to GP appointments for them to look at it in the medical terminology which makes sense to them. Definitely join LUPUS UK they are a great source of knowledge and support. I hope this helps.


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