Sun tab lotions and insect repellent?

I'm off to Turkey in August-a holiday booked before diagnosis. So far I have not had any skin rashes but will see how I get on. Does anyone have recommendations for sun tan lotion and natural remedy insect repellents? I plan on staying in the shade and plastering myself and hope for the best!! The nice weather may be good for my mood and my family deserve a break too!

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Two recommendations (might not be 'natural' but definitely effective)

Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets - place one in every pocket! Works great. I used Bounce in the Florida Everglades. Not one single insect bite.

Avon Skin So Soft with SPF.

Have fun. Safe journey.


I also recommend Avon Skin so soft,Turkey will be hot at that time of year so cover your self well.


Thanks for the help. Which skin so soft do you mean? When I search on Avon website it shows up loads of products. Which do I need?


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