Sun tab lotions and insect repellent?

I'm off to Turkey in August-a holiday booked before diagnosis. So far I have not had any skin rashes but will see how I get on. Does anyone have recommendations for sun tan lotion and natural remedy insect repellents? I plan on staying in the shade and plastering myself and hope for the best!! The nice weather may be good for my mood and my family deserve a break too!

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  • Two recommendations (might not be 'natural' but definitely effective)

    Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets - place one in every pocket! Works great. I used Bounce in the Florida Everglades. Not one single insect bite.

    Avon Skin So Soft with SPF.

    Have fun. Safe journey.

  • I also recommend Avon Skin so soft,Turkey will be hot at that time of year so cover your self well.

  • Thanks for the help. Which skin so soft do you mean? When I search on Avon website it shows up loads of products. Which do I need?

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