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Dear Lovelies!

Just a quick message to let you know that will be closing at the end of the month (unfortunately it hasn't worked out financially for me and so I will not be renewing the hosting fees). If you want to keep any of the blog posts/information on there then I would suggest you save it to a file or print it out.

My lupus and diet research is still available and I am now offering the research review paper that I wrote for £3.99 please email me at if you want to buy a copy. I will also be advertising it for sale as an e-book on in the near future.

Many thanks to everyone here who believed in my work, I feel really sad that it didn't quite work out for me as I had hoped. I am trying new things but have been income-less for a year now and have been unable to find work or start up a new venture - but I am doing my best to keep smiling.

With much love

Ani x

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Dear Ani

This is sad news: your site has given us so much vitally important, and also precious information, material that, for me, has made all the difference to better understanding how i might best manage my lifestyle while working with my doctors to treat my conditions. and I am so grateful to the loving, inspiring and professional way you have gone about doing this. You have empowered me greatly during this past year since my SLE diagnosis was confirmed. And i'm sure others are very grateful to you too. Seems to me that your vitality within site has credited us with the intelligence to grasp profound truths about both our nutrition and our spirits. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. My thoughts will be with you in whatever you do - your talents are so great, this can only be wonderful. But these times are vvv hard and your common sense in reacting to them this way shows great integrity. I am so glad nurturewithlove continues and will offer your remarkable research paper along with your delightful range of handcrafted bags, and it will be great twhip on connecting with you on Facebook. Thanks for everything and good luck



Hi Ani

I just want to echo what has been already stated so well and wish you the very best for the future. I hope we will still hear from you here from time to time and if you would still like to meet up sometime, I'd love to recieve a pm.

Take care

Valerie x


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