Brassed off and worried about my future

Hi all. I have lupus with all the usual symptoms, lethargy, fatigue, aches and pains, itchy permanent rashes and so on

Just been told I am diabetic and have none alcoholic fatty liver disease. I also suffer from dry eyes with blurred vision and have an appointment soon at the lipids clinic. I have quite recently had to have my gall bladder out, unsure if this is connected.

My memory is such that it causes me great distress. I only leave the house to make appointments because I am sensitive to ultra violet

I have gone from a fit and able boddied person to a wreck in five short years and to top all that I feel that I am fighting a lost cause with the benefits system who to be quite frank hav'nt got a damn clue.


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  • Jeff

    Well said about the benefits system ::: I think there are a lot of us out there who are steaming at the moment .... By the way I have Systemic Scleroderma plus other auto immune conditions, very similar symptoms to Lupus and some hv both ..

  • Hey i think we all go through days were we feel we have so much against us...i no i have days when i no i do.The benefits system is enough on it's own to drive us nuts!It doe so wear us down!Hey just remember nothing worth fighting for ever comes to easily,,try and remain strong and keep your spirit up,,i know easier said that done somedays.Don't let the ******** grind you down.Good luck Jeff,,Hey We have a group at facebook called Lupus is real!!....look real,,look us up,,be happy to have you aboard!! x

  • Thanks for your replies anteater and dawn1964. I shall take a look at facebook. Jeff

  • Sounds like you have been through the mill and back, hope you are now on a good path of even if you dont go out much you are not alone and someone will read your post and know what you are going through...... The benefit system is being over hawled over shall we saw messed about so most of us are pulling our hair out, im going to tribunal in 5 weeks for failing the so called assessment but im still signed of sick by gp and got docs letter which all seem to not matter... hay ho thats life but im going to fight because we will have to sell our house because bills going up and we bought it with two incomes not one. Hope your appoints work out and give you some good news for a change.


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