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For krazykat and tangerine, here is a pic of my medicalert bracelet.

On the back of the silver engraved part is a list of all my health conditions. It does give peace of mind but i was determined to have a pretty colourful one to make it as positive as possible

You can choose from a lot of styles, bracelets and necklaces. Any other questions feel free to ask.

Keep well and safe everyone.


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That is so pretty, I love the colours , can i ask where it’s from?How are you feeling at the moment, have things improved any ?

Take care xxx🤗🤗😘

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ShannonB in reply to weathervane

I was going to ask too! V pretty. Mine isn’t very nice.

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misty14 in reply to ShannonB

Hi Shannon, look at my reply to weathervane on this thread. Ive answered about the bracelet. Xx

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misty14 in reply to weathervane

Hello weathervane, sorry to take longer to reply but ive been feeling so poorly this week. Im really sorry you have had another tough time and are facing seeing another consultant like i am. It just never stops for us does it?. Thank goodness you didnt have sepsis or covid. That must have been really scary.

Im glad you liked the bracelet colours. It is pretty and goes with everything. Its from the Medic Alert charity if you have to register because of health problems in an emergency like being on steroids or having certain conditions. Wearing it permanently i purposely wanted something pretty!.

Ive just spoken to the endo secretary who doesnt know how long ive got to wait as she hasnt had the referral from Rheumatology yet. She said it shouldnt be long but couldnt promise before xmas.

I hope your wait isnt too long for gynae!. It takes the heart out of xmas when your poorly doesnt it?. You've had a really tough year weathervane. Im glad your cancer check was good!. Must be such a relief!.

Enjoy Strictly and have a lovely weekend. I think we'll have a treat with john and johannes this week. They are all so good now except Dan!. He's got to go surely. Xx

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weathervane in reply to misty14

So sorry to hear you are feeling so miserable, i do hope you can get started on treatment before Christmas , for now test up and conserve your energy 🤗🤗I have the gynae appointment next week and the rituximab the next day , good to get it over and done with.

Its bad enough having one condition with out other things jumping in as well 😕😕

Look after yourself and i have everything crossed for you 🙏🏼🙏🏼🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤗🤗❤️😘😘

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misty14 in reply to weathervane

Many thanx weathervane for your lovely message. It certainly is tough when other conditions come along to give us even more to cope with.

Im so glad your gynae appt is next week and retuximab to follow. You've done so well to manage . You must be so needing it by now and lovely to be better for xmas.

🤞 its a good appt and you enjoy Strictly. I think it will be another treat.

'Cutie pics ' is taking a break for resy and recuperation but will be back next Sat. Thinking of you. Keep safe. Xx🤞😀🍂💕🤞🙏💕🤞🙏🍁💕🤞

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weathervane in reply to misty14


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misty14 in reply to weathervane


Love that Misty xx

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misty14 in reply to svfarmer

Thanx svfarmer, it was specially chosen. Xx

Oh misty, that’s the most beautiful medical bracelet I have ever seen 🤗🤩! Thank you so much for sharing this photo with us. I had wanted to ask you what your bracelet looks like but I wasn’t sure if it would be rude or inappropriate. If I need one I will look for something very colourful and pretty like this one.

Sending you a big hug and wish you well and safe ❤️☀️🌸🌻🌺

Aline xxxxxxx

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misty14 in reply to Tangerine25

Thanx so much tangerine for your lovely, thoughtful message. If you do have one from MedicAlert its called Mille Feuille. There are lots to choose from in different prices and designs which can be mesmerising!. Xx

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Broseley in reply to misty14

Thank you for this, I'll have a look at them. Hubby offered to buy me one for Christmas. I jumped down his throat! Do I want to be reminded about my condition and all the drugs I'm on, on Christmas day?I hope you're feeling better xx

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misty14 in reply to Broseley

They don't have a clue do they Broseley but good he wanted to buy you one.?. As you'll see they're expensive so you get your own back that way!. Ha!. Keep safe. Xx

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Tangerine25 in reply to misty14

Thank you so much misty, even the name is cute (on top of being the name of a delicious French pastry 🥮😋.)I hope your appointment with endocrinologist is coming soon.

Wishing you a warm and safe day 💝🌻💐🐶

Aline xxxxx

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misty14 in reply to Tangerine25

Thanx so much tangerine for your good wishes. Keep safe and well as possible. Xx

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Tangerine25 in reply to misty14

Thank you misty 💝,

I wish you a smooth recovery and to stay warm and safe 💐


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misty14 in reply to Tangerine25


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Tangerine25 in reply to misty14


I'm so sorry Misty I did delete my request last night as I thought I was being a bit cheeky and I know you're poorly so I removed it to give you some peace!! 😹Please accept my apologies 😔Your bracelet is very pretty!! All the ones I've seen seem to be cumbersome n with the amount of wristware stuff I have to put on I thought I wouldn't be able wear one but yours doesn't seem too bulky.

Once again thank you for taking the time to show us..please rest up n I hope you get your endo appt soon as!!

Take care lovely 🌈😽😽xx

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misty14 in reply to Krazykat26

Thanx krazykat for your very thoughtful message. I did appreciate it. I did think i was going mad last night as i suddenly couldnt see your post. Ha!. What a relief im not , well not yet but im working on it. 😀

Im happy to help and been surprised at the lovely response. MedicAlert are a charity so if ive helped their coffers and helped you guys on forum then im really pleased.

I had a better day today , it does vary for us so much doesnt it?.

I rang the Endocrinology dept and they couldnt tell me how long ive got to wait for an appt. May not be long but Rheumy hadnt done letter yet!. May or may not be before xmas!!. I shall keep 🤞.

Best of luck for your Dermy appt, do hope you get good treatment guidance. 🤞Xx

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misty14 in reply to Krazykat26

P.s, ive decided as ive done this extra post to give myself this weekend off 'cutie pics' to rest. It will be back afterwards. Xx😀

That is a lovely bracelet , I understand you wishing to make it pretty and it certainly is that ♥️, beautiful. Hope you are feeling a bit better than you were M x

Hello, that's a brilliant bracelet. Please could you post a link to where you got it from? I want one!

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misty14 in reply to Broseley

Hi broseleyIm glad you liked the bracelet. Its from the charity MedicAlert . If you google that you will get it. The bracelet itself is called Mille Feuille. There are lots to choose from as well as necklaces too. Keep safe. Xx

It’s beautiful Misty 😍 xxx

Thank you cecily. Well done with surviving the dentist. Glad shes leaving. Im looking forward to Strictly this weekend. I agreed totally with all you said about Dan. I had forgotten John Sargeant. I don't think Dan would do similar somehow. He's enjoying the adoration.

Ive been referred to Endocrinology but don't know how long ive got to wait. Rheumy not sent letter yet. Got to keep chasing don't we?.

Thinking of you. Xx

Bless you Misty. I really hope an endocrinologist can help with your adrenal problem lovely and that you won’t have to wait too long. Sadly yes we need to chase everything. I had a physio appointment today and he was so angry that I have just been left. He said you are in a vicious cycle. They won’t do surgery on your knees because you are overweight and they have then left you to fall and have impaired mobility so you put on weight. He said I feel so sorry for you because you try to hard. I have seen you here four times now in the past eight years and you get yourself fitter and lose weight then you fall and injure yourself and you are back to square one. I felt embarrassed because I just burst into tears. You prepare yourself for being fobbed off almost and when someone, especially a very dour physio, understands it takes you completely off guard . He has suggested some further exercises as my hamstring has shortened and is complaining at being stretched and he has said I can do five minutes three times a day on the treadmill. He will see me after Christmas and if my falls have lessened he will book me into the physio classes. Meanwhile he will write to the Orthopaedic surgeon asking for me to be seen ASAP. It never ends does it?I agree about Dan, the judges have made him believe that he is a superb dancer?? What the hell are they seeing? When the guest judge marked him higher than Rose I was outraged. That said I suspect Rhys will go out on the weekend. Dan has a huge fan base. I read the comments on Twitter and think what are they drinking? If he gets to the dance off I am certain Craig would vote him off. I hope he gets the Argentine Tango but then I thought the Rumba would be the end of him and it wasn’t. I do not understand why they vote for him when the dance was so awful. I desperately want Rose to win but last week John and JoJo and AJ and Kai were amazing so I gave them a vote each. Xxx

Oh wow cecily, i really do understand what that physio appt was like. Thank goodness you had one who 'got it' and who is writing to Orthapod for you to be seen!. Physios do hold a lot of sway now in hospitals. I don't wonder you cried but i always feel embarressed but we shouldnt!. I do expect a battle specially if its someone i don't know so its a huge surprise when its not and such a RELIEF. But no it does go on and on for us , waiting for appts etc. You've specially been thru the MILL cecily. Im so pleased your getting the physio help you need . 😀

Im desperate for Rose to win too but they suddenly looked vulnerable on Sat so you just don't know. The others are so good except Dan now.

'Cutie pics' is having this weekend off for me to rest and catch up but ill be back the following one. TAKE CAREXx

You put your feet up lovely and enjoy Strictly. I suspect we will both be shouting at the tv on Sunday xxx

What a show cecily Strictly was!. Heart in mouth with those lifts that went wrong!. Should be Dan and A.j now in dance off!. He is the weakest. Just loved Rhys and Rose.

Hope you've put your feet up too today. 🤞for tomorrow. I will be shouting at the screen if he goes thru. Xx💃🤞💃💕💃🤞💃💕💃🤞💃💕

Omg Misty I was horrified at John and AJ’s lifts going wrong. Gutted for both of them. Rose was amazing tonight. I liked Rhys’s Argentine Tango but I didn’t love it. I am not sure why really. Dan looked deflated but I do think the public will save him. I think regardless of being top of the leaderboard it will be Rhys and ??? In the dance off. If it is Dan he would go home but I don’t think it will be. I was in tears with AJ. I have never cared for her before Strictly as she is just soooo loud but having seen her on Strictly I have warmed to her. I would really hate to see her go home now. Today we finished putting up the Christmas decorations, I made pizza and a coffee whisked sponge with coffee cream and bitter coffee icing. We have eaten well today xxx

Common sense at last cecily. Dan departs thank goodness but he is a nice guy and praised the show. Ive warmed to A j like you because at first she was too loud for me. Maybe someone said turn it down and she did because shes much nicer now.

Im so thrilled at outcome tonight specially as rose and gio are thru. Can't wait now for sat and just think there all from minorities in the Semi's, just so inspiring the show is!.

Have a safe, healthy week as poss cecily and chat this weekend. Xx💃❤💃🤞💃❤💃🤞💃❤💃🤞❤💃

Hoorah!!! At last. Seriously they were blowing smoke up his a*** though weren’t they? I will now be able to enjoy the semi’s and the final without fuming. All the couples in the semi’s are worthy winners. Whoever wins they deserve to be there. Of course I would so love Rose to win but if she doesn’t at least someone worthy will. You have a lovely week too Misty. Keep warm and safe lovely xxx

Yay cecily, totally agree!. Thanx for your lovely wishes. Keep safe lovely. Xx💃❤💃🤞❤💃❤🤞❤💃❤🤞

That's such a beautiful bracelet. Lovely colours. I didn't realise you could get a pretty one. Take care 🌸🌷x

Hi Misty, once again you take time to share with us. The bracelet is really pretty and special like you.

Healing hugs.

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misty14 in reply to Pumpkin2009

Thanx so much pumpkin. Im just glad to help. Healing hugs to your foot from my foot. Haha!. 😀Xx

Yes, please post the link. Thank you!

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misty14 in reply to lowraind

Just google ,lowraind, MedicAlert and you will get it. Its a charity!. Xx

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lowraind in reply to misty14

Thanks again.

It is a totally brilliant MedicAlert Bracelet. Best I've ever seen.

.....It is a good 'Cutie Pic' too.

Going to visit the website. Thanks for sharing Misty.

By the way I'm trying the 'regrouping' and it is working so far.

Thanks for the strategy. In my head I just keep saying 'regroup, regroup' and it helps 👍 🌷🌸🐧🐏🐼🐿️

Thanx so much for your reply Caracara and im so glad you liked the bracelet. Its called Mille Feuille if you do go onto their website. I purposely chose it for the lovely colours.

So pleased your feeling stronger too. We all need these strategies to help us cope with it all. Im saying 'boundaries' to keep me going so i will think of you with yours.

Keep safe and as well as possible. Xx

"Boundaries" that is another great word. I'll incorporate that one too.👍🙂

Take care and hope Christmas build up is going okay...🎄⭐👼🎅🎵❄️


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