Getting really sore with these blisters now

Feeling really rubbish at the moment been on pain killers all weekend went to a friends party itchy sore,it was really embarrasing trying not to scratch in public and hoping no one could see the blisters and cuts kept my coat on so that they was'nt on show on my neck arms but now i'm getting blotches on my face and the butterfly rash across my nose so embarrased just dont want to go out at the moment also really tired.Also got a birthday meal to go to at the weekend dreading it.

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Hi Jenni. I'm Casey, I was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with lupus. I have the butterfly rash on my face and the itchy blisters on my hands feet and knees and my legs just itch all over. I've got my apt today to get some hydroxy thingy tablets. I'm dreading it. I have my friends 40th birthday party at the wknd n I'm dreading it too. Just know I'll get asked 'what's that on your face?' erugh! At least we're not alone eh, hope you feel happier soon :) x


Hi Casey, No we are not alone i always feel like people are looking at me when my face is bad and thinking they can catch it. I was awake in the night scratching and sore horrible aint it. I hope the hospital went well for you and I hope your ok for the weekend :) xx


Jennie hi again,,Hey i do feel for you,,i was diagnosed last August,,i really did in my opinion look like a leper,,my arms,,thighs,legs,feet,hands,chest,,,yes not just rash but spots,spots spots,,i had suffered this for three years on top of other things (all lupus related)any way i was weary about going on a Tablet called Hydroxy,,some now as Plaquenil,,but i have to say 7months down the road my spots on arms have rally improved,,my thighs are still a sore sight mind you,,but the hydroxy has helped with the itching,,hey i would not say i never itch still ,,i use Aloe vera sap which i mentioned in another blog(sap straight from the plant,,soothes,cools etc,,,,hey in summer when the sun makes the itching worse i got a prescription Antihistamine tablet called Fexafenadine Hydrochloride,,,,it is a magic drug for me and really brings my skin relief.Hope has been some help for you.Hey p.s,,We have a group here at Facebook called Lupus is real!!,,,a place were we lupies go to laugh,cry,and share our lupus experiences,,we call it the Lupie gang,,lol,,hey hop over and join us! :)


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