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GMC Regional Liaison Adviser - 4 posts in England and Wales; 'Passionate about patient safety and medical education?'


Turned up these vacancies:

The job description says: 'Produce accurate and concise clearly organised written documents in plain English with good construction, punctuation, spelling and grammar.' but I can spot a couple of errors in the job advert (extract below) 😏🙃😜 xxx

Working from home, with extensive travel, applicants must live in the area advertised. You'll work in hospitals, GP surgeries, medical schools and communities in partnership with the medical profession, employers, health care regulators and patients to support doctors and medical educators in their practise in the interests of patients and the wider healthcare system.

Additionally you will:

Promote understanding of the role and value of the GMCs work with medical students, doctors, patients, employers and other health regulators

Support high professional standards in medical education, training and practice by identifying concerns about patient safety and the quality of training doctors are receiving and collaborate with others to drive improvement

Deepen the GMC’s understanding of the issues affecting doctors, employers, medical students and patients so that our work is informed by and responsive to these challenges

Develop training interventions to support high standards of professional practise.

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A classic Twitchy! This happened when I worked. It's likely they have shoe-ins who has lost a post in recent cuts. Oh yes, there were lots of job cutting exercises for cinil servants too!

My opinion is that it's a non job, but what do I know?

eekt in reply to Lupiknits

I wondered if it could be in response to the case of the Dr Bawa-Garba ( - she was recently reinstated to the register), the GMC's strong campaign against the criminalisation of doctors and Jeremy Hunt's intervention to support medical professionals to prevent a flood-gate opening ( xxx

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