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Is it safe to visit a chiropractor?

Its been a couple months since i had an extremely bad flare up. The worst part was my left shoulder and arm. I had to sleep with my arm above my head in order to stop the pain, and i am not sure if in doing this I have damaged or moved my shoulder joint out of place, or if the flare up is still happening...

My shoulder cuff is unbearable sometimes and its preventing me from doing daily tasks, it makes a popping noise when i move my arm. My question is - is it safe to visit a chiropractor when you have lupus? I feel my whole body could use it. Could it do more damage or do i have to wait and see if it gets better on its own? If anyone has had a similar situation id appreciate any advice

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I’ve been but the relief only lasted 2/3 days and it got quite expensive I’ve found I get better results from a steam room

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I took myself to a private physio which worked well. I would have thought that any therapist worth his (or her) salt would know what degree of intervention is appropriate. I've had that kind of shoulder pain too and night times are desperate - I had to 'pick up' the bad arm with the good one to move it at all and then they both became bad at the same time .... Hope things soon improve xx


I go every 3 months - it really keeps my shoulder pain free and flexible. Good luck.


Have you tried physiotherapy? I have found that a knowledgeable phyiso was much more helpful than a chiropractor. For chiropractic adjustments, there are risks to the general population. You should avoid it if you have low bone density (eg: from long term steroid use). Here is a brief list of risks:


Some phyios are qualified to perform manipulation of joints, but I think it is a slightly different technique then chiropractors use.


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