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Ziki virus

Hi I wanted to go on Caribbean cruise last year but because of my low immune system from lupus I was advised not to..

Anyone got any thoughts on this or got anymore information on this virus .I think its still present in very hot countries like Caribbean, mexico etc

I want to book a holiday abroad for next year but not sure where to go. Whenever we go abroad I always say its got to be in that country's coolest months.

As despite using factor 50 my skin gets horrible especially my forehead and neck/chest .Even though I obviously don't sunbathe because of lupus .

Thanks for any info you may have


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Hi englishrose67,

Unfortunately there is currently a lack of evidence about the impact of the zika virus on people who are immunocompromised and therefore it is difficult to give advice. Risks will vary between individuals and therefore advice needs to be tailored for patients by their doctor.

The guidance from Public Health England can be found here - gov.uk/guidance/zika-virus-...

We have a blog article about going on holiday with lupus which has lots of helpful links and advice - lupusuk.org.uk/going-on-hol...

I hope that you're able to have a wonderful break :)


Yippee been given the 'thumbs up'๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ to go abroad to hotter countries. So going to mexico on the Caribbean coast next year. Just got to be sensible and stay in shade (as usual with lupus) and use the deterant mosquito spray .Can't wait to sit under parasol on beach and listen to the waves. I find it so relaxing. Will be 23degrees when we go so not too hot that I'll fry lol .

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That's great news! Have a wonderful time!


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