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Hospital in March

So I’ve got an appointment with consultant at the end of March . I normally just say yep I’m fine and go home.

I’ve decided I’m going to stop that and do what’s best for me and be honest.

I noticed with hydroxy it helped improved my tiredness so I could stay up an hour later than usual. I want to know about my pain . So I currently take naproxen once a day , which I don’t want to do forever. So wanted to know what people take for pain in their joints so I can google and then maybe ask constant about it ?

Anything would be helpful

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Good idea to ask questions, otherwise we never find anything out. Make lots of notes on a pad (leave pad out so you can add things over the next few weeks). Consultants love it when we ask good questions, rather than just sitting there. Have a look at the NHS web site there is some good information on there about drugs.

Hope that car is doing ok.🚗😀


Thank you .

Car is fine had to pay £110 to get my hand break done as something was missing . So every time you adjusted it . It would fail

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