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I'm looking for help with what my gp suggested might be IBS. I have mild SLE, Sjogrens and other things going on...

I woke up in the early hours of last friday morning with pain in my abdomen, went back to sleep and all seemed ok when I got up. During the day on friday it got worse, even massaging was painful so I rang NHS 111 for some help. He asked various questions as they do, its part of their procedure, then he advised me to call my gp which I did. Took a couple of times to get through and reception said to wait for a call back. Not long after a gp rang and he suggested it might be IBS

I had gut probs before an SLE diagnosis in 2005 and they semed to clear up once on hydroxy. I'm still in some pain, not sure what to do. The gp did offer me an app late friday afternoon but I said I'd leave it over the weekend, didnt feel up to getting to the surgery. Now its sunday and the pains eased but its not gone, seems worse after I've eaten. I did wonder whether to starve myself for a day or two and just have drinks to see if that helps

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm thinking to go over to a local retail park with my son later today to see what Boots have to offer. I cant recall the pain being this bad before...am a little anxious

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Hi Chrisj

Sorry to read of your abdominal pain problems. It's such a worry not knowing when it might flare and being a new symptom. IBS is very common with lupus, not surprising because of all the stress. Presumably your also getting bowel symptoms because of GP suggesting IBS. There are a number of treatments to help with the pain but you really need proper investigations first to know what you have. A referral to a Gastro would be helpful for this. There are also other possible causes of abdominal pain so if it flares again you need a scan to see what's going on. I hope you sort it out soon as worrying about it won't help. X


I have this and haven't found a good solution to it yet! Almost anytime that I actually eat a full meal, I will feel sick. There are days when I can't eat anything but a few carbs (bread, crackers, etc). Hope you find some relief. This is one of the things I plan to discuss at my next dr appt.


Thanks Misty and Shaysuekirk :)

I'm tons better now. My sister went to Boots and dropped off a pack of 20 Buscopan tabs yesterday, it seems to have settled down...sigh of relief xx

Never had stomach cramps like that before, scared me to death...

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Hi Chrisj!

I read your posts and having im mind the rash we both have it seems possible to me it can be triggered by gluten as you also have gut problems i.e. IBS. After reading all the comments to my post on the rash, I am almost sure it is gluten intolerance or even celiac disease. I went gluten free since the 16th August. 3 months and much improvement in pain reduction and bloating. However, swelling persisted and since last Wednesday I decided to not eat any grain at all. So now I am dairy, sugar, grain, legumes free. But last Saturday my husband cooked dinner. I wasn't at home. So I ate beef with salad BUT he told me he has put beer to enrich the flavour. Afterwards when I complimented him about the delicious meal. So it only rang a bell today after reading this: reddit.com/r/glutenfree/com...

AI do begin in our gut. I strongly believe gluten is what caused me to be ill. I kept a food diary from 2009/2010 when I didn't eat any rice or flour. I managed to lose 7 kgs between November and December. This was after a flare of urticaria which I believe to have been my first flare of lupus. I managed to control it until 2014 when I went back to gluten and processed food. Mainly at work. Always running, eating snacks, etc. Stress, deadlines, 180 students.... To sum up, could gluten be also your trigger?


My stomach pain was a one off Margas, apart from a bit of wind and the muscles tightening its not much of a problem. I dont have any food allergies, I eat pretty much anything. I'm allergic to pollen and having asthma I suffer breathing probs in hotter weather, its just a case of managing it and at the moment its under control with the 3 different sprays I have....thank you to the NHS. If not for them I dont think I'd be here today, my breathing was so bad

I dont have problems with rashes either. My cheeks go red and burn sometimes, thats down to SLE, its worse in hot weather but not too big of a problem, just have to be careful. I have no problems with gluten or anything else food related...

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Hi chrisj,

Just read your post. I have sjogrens too. Yes, due to lack of moisture, gastric tract flares are awful, sometimes. Buscapan, as you found, are good for cramp pain in abdominal area.

I just wanted to add, you can always phone BSSA British Sjogrens Syndrome Association, for advice. They have been an invaluable resource for me. Attending support groups, and meeting other people with sjogrens, is very reassuring too. We phone each other for a chat and/or a moan lol.

As a member, we receive quarterly magazines, an invaluable source of latest research products.

Good luck.


Thank you

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