1st rheumatology app

Had my first appointment yesterday and feel so much better about things, they confirmed lots of what I already new about (after reading about lupus for months lol) and have started me on hydrochloriquine. 10 lots of blood taken and being sent for an echo and X-ray on my lungs then back there in 6 weeks, forgot my list of questions lol but got lots of answers I was hoping for and I'm feeling positive, didn't have formal diagnosis but the consultant said you have a lupus type disease and then detailed down the areas that were affecting me and he said that they wouldn't leave me with how bad my face is, they also said that the Elocon cream I'd been given for my face often caused pigment loss and were surprised the dermatologist hadn't advised me of that. But all in all I'm feeling positive after my appointment and thought I'd share incase any one is still waiting for their first appointment 😊

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  • Hi jensherg

    Thanks for posting about your first Rheumy appt. Glad it went so well and you've started on Hydroxy. Do hope it helps in this six weeks before you see the Consultant again!. Interesting what he said about a possible diagnosis!. There are several different labels that they come up with when its not clear cut. I've got one UCTD that encompasses the possibility of three CTD's , lupus being one of them so don't be surprised if you hear that in six weeks time!. Hopefully your test results will yield a more clear cut diagnosis!. It sounds like your Rheumy will keep an eye on you which is good as these illnesses can change quickly over time and need monitoring. Good luck and keep us posted. X

  • Thanks for this Jensherg. I have my first appointment on 18th May so was really interested to hear about yours. I hope mine is as encouraging.

  • Hi jensherg,

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I have my first appt tomorrow - I have had amazing advice and this just makes me feel so positive!!

    I'm so happy for you - even though you haven't got a definite answer yet - they listened!

    Thanks once again!

    Charlie xx

  • Good luck tomorrow charliebear68 😊

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