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Feeling confused and very down

Hello Everyone

Yesterday I got and felt normal for the first time for ages. I could walk with no difficulty

didn't feel sick.......Cured ! Hooray

Today I got up creaking around feeling very nauseous and lightheaded again. Also uncomfortable gut feeling.

This is how I have been feeling for a few weeks so I was so happy to wake up feeling well yesterday.

I have been trying to think what had changed. I had a horrid whooping type cough previously but it had gone by last week. It came back last night so not much sleep A lot of people here have had the cough too. I also started to take 25 instead of 50mg of Amitriptylene.

I really feel like throwing the towel in.

I take Hydroxychloroquine,Mycophenolate and Amitriptylene (neuropathy) I am 73

and have MCTD.

The other question I'd like to ask is how often on average do you 'bother' your GP ?

My Rheumatologist isn't local so my GP is my joint carer.

This is a bit of a a ramble so forgive me if it's muddled. It's my brain

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Hi Bones-bones,

I am sorry to hear that you have been feeling poorly. Have you thought about ringing your rheumatologist for a telephone consultation?

If you want someone to speak to, we have local LUPUS UK contacts that cannot give medical advice but are there as a listening ear to offer support and advice over the telephone. These contacts mostly have lupus themselves and are volunteers. If you would like more information on having a local contact to speak to, as well as information on support group meetings you can email me at

Please keep us updated, wishing you all the best.

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Thank you for your help. I'm drinking more water to see if that helps. I had stopped drinking because it was making me feel sick😝

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Unfortunately, water can make you feel more nauseated when you are sick! I have the same issue.


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