Lupus rash?

Lupus rash?

Get rashes like this - most often on my hands, but at times else wear, mostly when stressed or worried about something, or when I'm hot; but sometimes they just happen. Can be with or separate to my Erythromelalgia flares. Haven't really cottoned onto it until today, never really considered it a 'rash' per say as it often fades quickly (sometimes with in a few hours), and though often itchy, never seemed overall important, just something that's happened for a while.

Have had Erythromelalgia since last August, slowly getting more severe overall. Very tired, fuzzy minded, flat, forgetting things often. Had a few instances (going through the worst of them the last few days) where a little difficult to breathe (almost like breathing through a cotton ball), croaky, mouth drier than usual by far (I am a mouth breather, though). Quite high ANA result (not certain of number, just the doctors' term). Achy overall at times, but especially in joints, especially knees, hips, wrists, but also up for arms as well. Headaches, often severe, often light sensitive, have developed over the past few weeks, as well.

Know there are a number of fairly similar symptoms for a number of autoimmune disorders - and I am waiting for an appt for a rheumatologist (referral has been sent, but.....?); but desperate for some answers and possible treatment as it is getting markedly worse lately, getting harder and harder to cope with even basic everyday things.

So -should I show my go this pic in regards to possible lupus rash or is it something different all together? Never had the 'butterfly' rash, or anything similar, only things like this.

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Also having issues with gripping motions with my hands, often having to grab basic things in a fist. Writing, turning pages, picking up things, eating utensils, bank cards, etc, if it means having to make my fingers grab at something, so often they simply won't work. I can feel the touch, can see what I need to do, but cannot get my hands to work. So tired of dropping, breaking things, not being able to grab out my card to pay for things without a huge battle, I hate it, so Infuriating, so embarrasing. The whole lot is driving me crazy, need at least some of how I used to be back

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