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Dizziness /room spinning with methotrexate


Hi. I'm on my third week of sub cut methotrexate 15mg. I've had the Nausea and fatigue as expected, but I've also been experiencing dizziness. I feel as if the room is spinning especially when I lie down, it has caused me to throw up a couple of times now. Has anyone else experienced this?

I am also on 15mg pred, and it has been suggested it could be that. However I've been on much higher doses for years and never had this.

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I'm not really any help, but I found your post because I'm having exactly the same thing. I've been on MTX about 2 years now, but the dose was recently increased to 25 mg and I was switched from tablets to subcutaneous injections. This is my fourth week of the injection. I took my shot this evening before bed, and now I'm having the worst dizziness of my life. It's much worse when lying down. And it's actually even worse if I try to close my eyes. I literally feel like the whole room is moving.

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