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The oh so beautiful sun!!!

How can something so warm and comforting be so harmful? I remember as a teenager anxiously awaiting the first day after winter, the day the temperature would reach the 70* mark. That was my ok to myself to continue my sun worshiping. Lying there soaking up the warmth, not too hot but just right to take a nap. Only to wake up the next day and barely be able to get out of bed. I never put it together, the beautiful warm shining thing that warmed my sole. Then after the birth of my first son the rashes started. Clueless, me still not putting two and two together. Then the joint pain comes, mine started so subtlety. I'm in Georgia, in the US, some 30 years later and today isn't the first 70* day, it's been an unseasonably warm winter, but today is the first day this memory has come back in a very long time. I'm watching my dog Deborah, sun bathing and as I stand by the back door I'm feeling that wonderfully warm, sole healing sun, on my face and for just one moment it took me back to when I though it was one of the best things ever. But now I know the truth, now I yank my arm away from that sun kiss of warmth, as if I'm a vampire that's about to burn. Now, I panic when the sun come through my car window and I realize I forgot to put on my sunscreen. I can't help but to cringe when my granddaughter wants me to watch her play outside, because even though I did remember the sunscreen today, I still wonder if it might throw me into a flare. Oh that wonderful, beautiful thing, the Sun. So sorry to go on such a rant, I'm feeling a little nostalgic today. I'm in the middle of a flair that has been going on for a few days and feeling a little weepy. Love, to all that are hurting now and to all that aren't. ❤

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I and many others here can understand exactly how you feel and there's absolutely nothing wrong in having a rant about the unfairness of it all. Tomorrow will be a better day. 😊 Bronagh


Hello! I live in South West Wales, in the U.K. We've had a glimmer of spring this last week. Thursday got up to 13 degrees. Which is about 55 degrees Fahrenheit I think. That's a warm spring day here. Like you say, the sunshine feels good for the soul after winter. The irony is that I am Sun sensitive with SCLE - the sun is definitely my enemy. But I also have a lot of osteoarthritis pain and the warm of the sun helps that!!! How cruel I can't relieve the OA pain by sitting out in the sun. I've been to Georgia a couple of times. We have friends in Atlanta. Great post.


You know life has change when you welcome grey skies and even some mist and still factor 50, long sleeves and hiding from the light. Driving in the car really makes me feel exposed to UV and triggering a flare. Taking it day by day, can one ever feel that this normal, not being able to stand in the sunshine...certainly enjoy seeing it.😎 the sun that is though it is 'not my friend'. ML


Thank you all so much for listening!! Some days you just got to get it out!!


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