Mini flares?

Hey everyone,

I was diagnosed with SLE and RA and MCTD about 4 months ago. I have mini flares from the RA once in awhile but they see to go away after a few hours of rest and pain killers. On Wednesday however, my whole back, shoulder, arms, and neck Spasmed all day. On top of that i was nauseous and had stomach knots and my joints flared up. Unfortunately, i worked a 11 hour ahift that day so i really didnt get to relax till i got home. My mom gave me a muscle relaxer but that didnt help. I stayed home on Thursday (the next day) but i still had pains all over. On Friday (today, like right now) im at work. My back and joints feel like ive finished a intense workout. Can these be flares? Is there such a thing of mini flares or one or two day flares? Someone told me flares last about a week or more.

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  • There is one form of RA where the flares often last a short time, as little as a few hours sometimes: palindromic rheuatism.

    "Palindromic rheumatism is characterized by sudden, multiple, and recurring attacks of joint pain and swelling. Each episode may last from several hours to several days. The frequency of attacks varies, from one episode a day to several during the course of a year. Usually two or three joints are involved, but different joints may be involved in different episodes. The soft tissues around the joints may also be affected. Episodes of recurrence form a pattern, with symptom-free periods between attacks lasting for weeks to months. The joint usually returns back to normal without any permanent joint damage.

    Some individuals with this condition develop chronic joint inflammation and go on to develop rheumatoid arthritis."

    So yes - you can have mini flares, they don't have to last for a week.

  • Thank you 😊 ive been wondering if my RA was a short or long flare. I stillnwould need to gonsee my reumy though and ket her know about the flare up.

  • I used to get exactly this for about 8 months in the run up to an RA diagnosis five years ago. It turned out to be that I had Sjogrens -which can mimic RA to perfection. I think these mini flares were the Sjogrens presenting itself initially in a Palindromic way. Horrid but non erosive at least. Hope they settle down as mine did - but it took Methotrexate.

  • Thank you twitchytoes for your reply. Im going to see me reumy soon. I hope its not Sjogrens cause ive seen the effects it has on the eyes. I work for a retina specialist and see these cases alot. 😕 Then again all the meds we take effect our eyes.

    To update though the flares have decreased but the pain is still there.

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