A little help, please?!

A little help, please?!

Hi guys. I need some help figuring out what this is. My hair thinned woefully during my last flare, and when I took it all off, I had lost the most of the melanin on my scalp too.

Rheumy doesn't think it's vitiligo but can't tell what it either. Most of the hair has grown back but I'm beginning to get the same symptoms again. So worried that I'll be back to patchy hair in this cold weather. Has anyone seen or experienced this before?

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  • Hi, yes I experienced the exact problem last year, I started keeping the hair taken from my brush to show my GP, she was shocked and referred me to a dermatologist as my scalp had red scaly patches which were painful and what I can only describe as a burning sensation

    Dermatologist took swabs and it was confirmed as part & parcel of the lupus, I was given a tar like shampoo which helped enormously and now 12 months later I'm almost back to normal (whatever normal is)

    Think we have to accept this is going to be a regular occurrence of our condition, Go and see your Dr and get the specialist shampoo.

    Good luck 😄

  • Thank you, Gailj. I'll be sure to do that. Sometimes I feel so despondent with all the issues that keep coming up!!

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