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My ANA was positive. C-Reactive Protein and Sed rate are high. Hemoglobin is low. I've felt like I have the flu for 3 weeks straight now with no relief. I don't see a Rheumatologist until January and my Doctor is not wanting to give any meds. I'm so miserable I cannot function during the day. The exhaustion I feel is indescribable but I can't sleep because of the pain. Any advice would be much appreciated! I'm in the U.S couldn't find a community for my county. Thanks!

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Hi jamiesue423,

Sorry to hear that you are having to wait for an appointment and have no treatment at the moment. Could you go back to your doctor and ask them if they could upgrade the referral to be more urgent and hopefully get you seen sooner? Otherwise you could try phoning the consultant's secretary regularly and seeing if there have been any cancellations and whether they can fit you in earlier?

If your inflammations levels are high and causing you a lot of pain, perhaps you could ask your doctor whether they could prescribe a short course of steroids to help you manage until the consultant can see you?

If you want any more information about lupus, we have all of our free publications available to read and download at


Sorry I am responding so late! My Dr finally gave me some meds to get me through until I get into the RA. Thanks so much

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Hi jamiesue423

I'm also in the U.S. I was diagnosed with Lupus this September, I wanted to let you know about the Lupus Foundation of America, there is a lot of info and a message board, I hope you receive good help and feel better soon.

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Thank you!


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