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PS to saga ct scan

Hi folks

Just had CT result. Apart from patches of diverticulitis, all glands and organs AOK! Thats a boost

Do have ovarian cyst I knew about should be checked but no pancreatitis, gall bladder, stomach, liver, coeliacs problems.

Will continue Gluten Free as getting relief but hey!

Only need 3-0 win tonight and my cup runeth over🍾🍾⚽️⚽️⚽️


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Hi Footygirl, glad you've managed to be positive thru the challenges. As a good friend who recently passed from breast cancer used to say (after 5 remissions) "it's not what happens to you but the way you deal with it that counts".

Sometimes its the not knowing that frustrates me but I've learned to be more patient & have faith (so that's a + I suppose).

Positive blessings to you x


Hi Footygirl

Glad you've had good news from CT scan results. Big relief for you!. Did you see last week's trust me I'm a doctor where they tested some following gluten free diet and some not to see if it really makes a difference?. It was interesting seeing that people had obvious benefit but it wasn't replicated in the blood tests. Hell though that doesn't matter!. Saw the item about the implant too, wonderful for the future!.

Fingers crossed for the footie, keep scoring. X

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Am SO HAPPY for you dear ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

Thanks loads for this GRRRRREAT news‼️

You INSPIRE me‼️


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