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Frustrated with the system! All I want is some help

Since being diagnosed with DLE I have only seen the dermatologist twice. 2 separate DR's. Went to walk in clinic over 2 months ago to get referral to see my 1st dermatologist. (It was almost 3 years since my last visit).

I go to the immunology clinic yesterday to find out what was happening with my referral, lo and behold, the Dr rejected my referral :(

I cried. my head hurts from my alopecia and lesions...bad.

I need some relief soon, please!

Now I have to go back to walk in Dr and get a new referral. And the waiting process starts again...3rd time this year.

Thanks for letting me rant

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Hi Lara4228,

I'm sorry to hear that you are having so much difficulty accessing appropriate care. What was the reason given for the consultant rejecting your referral?

Perhaps it may be helpful to contact the hospitals PALS team and let them know about the issues you have experienced and see if they are able to do anything to help resolve them and speed things along for you.


Hi Paul,

The receptionists at the internal medicine clinic said there were no notes why my Dr refused the referral. They gave me his secretary's direct phone number. I called and left message. No reply yet.

My partner is upset with this as well as he took some initiative on my behalf :) he researched the lupus clinic in Montreal (as one member here had suggested 7 weeks ago). They advised us (me) to have my Dr fax a referral to them and they will try to help me.

I suppose this episode has just proven the philosophy... everything happens for a reason!

I would love to go to a clinic just for lupus. Maybe they can help me with all my other minor but consistent pains and unidentified symptoms.


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