Picture this (many thanks for all your replies)

Picture this (many thanks for all your replies)

many thanks for all the reply

I have woke up this morning with this on me hand now

not only has this thing attacked me ankles knees and ligaments not to mention receding gums.

It now has shown itself on my hand as a red and black mark and i have not spilt anything on my hand last night or touched anything that could give me this. And my mouth feels all dry is this vasculitus or not my feet are all blue at the toes this morning then they will go back more nomal and white. I am getting quite worried as the rumi appointment she said i had needed insoles in my feet to correct ankle.

But i didnt have anything to show here llike this If this carries on for another day im going to go to AandE i CAN TAKE NOT BEING ABLE TO WALK FAR BUT WHEN I SEE THIS WELL it not in my mind is it.

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Minka, I don't feel no expert....and there could be several causes underlying something like this, but to me this looks somewhat like the "paroxysmal haematomas" I get just under the skin on my hands, feet & lower arms, apparently due to a combo of vascular Ehlers Danlos hypermobility making my veins weak & prone to tears + my vascular SLE doing the same.

I agree: if your medics are shrugging you off & making you wait when you're feeling really unwell & vvvvv concerned, 🤗 try a visit to A&E


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Just as coco says and I do suggest a trip ,sorry journey you don't need any falls,to A&E and get checked out.

I feel I have falling apart syndrome sometimes.......😕

Make sure not to catch that on your hand .

Reminds me a little of the blisters Tiras was getting on his foot ?

Please get yourself checked and look after yourself .Don't be fobbed off any longer you need to know what and why and how to improve.


Hi ya just saw the thing on your hand, if you worried yes go to AE for piece of mind, in case you have to wait for rhemy appointment. Take care



Hi Minka;

I get these all the time on my hands and arms. They just show up over night and they will last for a few days.

I have not found any particular reason that causes them, other than just Lupus.


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I have many of these all over my fingers and hands. My rumy says it is normal and I was proscribed a topical med. still not gone.

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hi i have found out about these things do you have thin skin due to being on predistone it appears that ifr you bang your hand you get these due to thin skin DO YOU HAVE THIN SKIN ON YOUR HANDS


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