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After allergic reaction

As you all know from my prior post I had q severe allergic reaction to my hydroxychloroquine tablets, few days after now the rash has calmed down my mouth and tounge is no longer swollen but for the past 2 days now I have had a very strong sharp pain when I breathe out under my rips which is giving me the worst pain in my back also, I'm struggling to catch my breath, walk and sit down properly. I have got an emergency appoitment at the hospital tomorrow after them getting in touch with me Friday evening, but my rhumy is on holiday for another week so a dermatologist called me for me to see her... I'm not sure if I can bring this up to her as worried if I have a lung infection now or should I just wait u till my rhumy is back next week

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I would go to your appointment. Although a dermatologist is specialised in skin problems they still have the same medical training all doctors have before specialising. She will be able to examine you and get a doctor from another specialty to see you if she feels the need. It was my dermatologist who refered me to rheumatology. If you don't get any help at your appointment tomorrow then I would go to A&E. Hope you do get some help. Xx


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