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Any takers for this 3 months in to not walking propper

ive been docs today keep on about me knee thats sort of twisting and ankle giving way I started out alright this morning but by 2pm could hardley walk again with swelling in knees and feet going red hot again, You try to exersise your quads but the buggers just wont give any power out and i sweat for england last night

Enyone else relate to this and what do people do for exercise. im frightend of going in pool just in case i get a foot infection in me clubbed toes now. if i go on the flat roads well i just pay in the end for feet going red raw must be vasculitus or somthing. If i take the predistone of 5mg it just dries me up and makes me worse.

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Hi minka,

You may find our blog article about lupus and exercise helpful. You can read it at lupusuk.org.uk/lupus-and-ex...

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