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New and confused!

Hi I am Emma I live in Kent and I am currently being tested for Lupus.  I visited my doctor with what I fault were just rescue ring symptoms that I've always lived with, such as mouth and nose ulcers, aching joints and blue toes.  My Dr suggested Lupus and has requesters FBC, ANA,ESR,Rhumatolagy factor and LFT to be carried out.  This is all new to me I was wondering if anybody could walk me through the path of diagnosis? Thanks 

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* I thought were recurring symptoms 



Welcome, this is an incredibly supportive forum.  I am relatively new to the forum myself but everyone here is so supportive. 

I won't lie, the path to diagnosis can be very frustrating at times and you may not have answers for a few of months.  But it sounds like your GP is on the ball testing.

If the tests come back and shows there may be an autoimmune issue they will refer you on to a Rhuematologist.  It may take a while to be seen by them who wil also retest your bloods and take full medical history and do a physical exam.

I would strongly advise you make a list of everything that's been going on, no matter how small you may think it is.

I wish you all the luck and hope it's you get some swift answers.

I too am in Kent, maybe you are in my area. If you wish you could message me about where you are, maybe I can give more insight to the departments you will be sent to.

L x


Thanks, thank great!  It seems it will be a long road however, my GP seemed to know what she's doing. I'm in Medway X 


I'm just south of Medway but around that way all the time.  

It's good your GP is on the ball, makes it so much easier.

I don't know if maritimes Rhuematology department is any good as I go to pembury usually but I am currently being looked after by the lupus clinic in guys hospital. 

Wish you all the best 

L x


Hi Esw4,

We have a booklet about the diagnosis of lupus which you may find helpful. You can view and download it here -

This is also included with our free information pack which you can request or download from our website at

We have a newly re-established support group in Kent which you may wish to contact. Their website is

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