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Hello all

i need a little help and some opinions if poss as i am feeling absolutely rubbish!

I seem to have a few things going on and I am not sure if they are linked or not. So firstly, I had a spell a couple of months ago where i had UTIs a couple of times (I'm not sure if it was one infection that didn't clear up properly the first time or if i got a second one). i didn't really have any bad uti symptoms but I did have a stabbing pain in my 'loin' as the doc put it, so he suspected maybe there was a sneaky little kidney stone maybe. 

So anyway, I had an x-ray, came back all fine. I then had an ultrasound this week and I am waiting for the results but the sonographer did say there wasn't anything obvious showing up. which is good in a way but obviously i still get pain and so I'm a bit disheartened if you know what I mean? as well as that, I have been feeling more drained than ever lately, and i also have a bit of a vertigo sensation going on. I have been having headaches although not every day, and not always massively severe, and i have also been getting the shakes, a bit like when you crave sugar, or when you have over exercised (not that I ever do that hehe). 

I just don't know where to go next. I met with my rheumy two weeks ago and we reduced my hydroxy to three doses a week (it was my idea to try and lower it, just to see really if anything happened), but that was only two weeks ago. My joints are a bit sore and my muscles feel painful and weak but i feel like it might be something else, rather than the reduced dosage. 

I just feel like it's all making me have anxiety as well which doesn't help. Last night I just cried as I convinced myself something is majorly wrong and i'm going to die. then the next minute I'm fine and convinced it could be something as simple as a vitamin deficiency. i went into work this morning, my manager sent me home as i was hot so now I'm sat at home wondering what to do. ahhh well at least I have a nice cup of tea on the go.

Any suggestions would be amazing!

Lots of love

Nat xx

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Hi Nat

All these diverse symptoms! They come from nowhere at the speed of light, land like a meteorite, anywhere, for however long they fancy, cause alarm and consternation then can buzz off in a blink... to be replaced by...

I hear you! I know exactly what you mean. Boy they can bring you low can't they? Then you have a better day, by even the teeniest bit, and up you perk. But dont start me on utis! 😡 What treatment have you had? Did you have different antibiotics or could you have been resistant second time around? Glad your tests look good so far.

What is your diagnosis? Do you have any kidney involvement? Your dizziness is concerning. I dont like damp getting in my sawdust. Perhaps go back to your GP and list your concerns. Maybe something will ring a bell with him. I defo think another round with your doc could bring a result. If you have a favourite GP maybe try them.

Do keep us informed. I shall be following you, no. No that sounded wrong. Erm. I shall follow your posts with great interest, better, so please come back and tell us how you get on.

There will be many others along to help as soon as they get their Friday shoes off I bet.

Remember. You are not alone. You have come to the right place. We ALL know where you are coming from. Seriously, we share every one of your trials,  symptoms and  fedupness so hang in there.

Lots of gentle, ooch ouch, hugs and love



Thank you so much for replying. I got my ultrasound back yday and my kidneys are fine. 

I feel ok-ish, last night I had a hot flush (surely can't be menopause at 34) and felt dizzy again. The dizziness isn't constant but it just comes on randomly so I'm a bit anxious to go out etc :( one thing I have noticed is my left ear has been very mildly hurting (again it's v mild and not all the time) so I'm wondering if I have a bit if w virus. Also been getting headaches daily that feel like sinuses as behind my eyes and top of my nose are tender. I really hope it's just a virus and it goes away. 

Your reply did make me smile though, so thank you :) I hope you have a good day 😀 


I was getting lots of UTIs, they would come on suddenly with no warning. I was told it is very common in lupus?! Having a glass of cranberry juice everyday (touching wood) seems to have kept them at bay, don't ask how as I've no idea but if it works then I shall carry on lol

Are your aches and pains a co incidence in that you having a 'flare' (every time I see this word, I think of rockets going off at sea) sometimes I feel like I've got flu but taking my temperature it's normal?! So then I put it down to tiredness.

Lupus it seems doesn't care where it attacks the body, so while you think your symptoms aren't connected they possibly could but on the other hand might not be?! Confusing isn't it 😜

I think a chat with the GP might be the best thing to do because they will be able to help decide if it's all connected or a stand alone problem. X


Have u asked your doctor for fasting blood sugar blood test to ensure that you r not diabetic 


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