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Work & health


Really suffering atm with my health, seems to be getting worse.. My nurologist thinks I may have lupus and cfs... Aswell as having an underactive thyroid since I was 16.

I have been signed off work since October came back in January part time doing 4 hours a day but still struggling extremely bad an it's coming to me having to go the bathroom to cry... I don't want to quit as only here for money as we all have bills and houses to pay for.

Just wondering if any one has ever been in this situation as my health is more important then work but i worry more about money then my health.

Has anyone or anyone doing jobs from home or jobs to help them with there illness?


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Hi Leanne21bull,

I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling at work at the moment. Are your employers aware of your health problems? Have they made any adjustments to help make things easier for you to manage?

We have a couple of booklets about lupus and employment which you may find helpful. You can view and download them at lupusuk.org.uk/working-with... or if you would like me to send you physcial copies in the post, please just send me a private message or email paul@lupusuk.org.uk with your name and address.


Yes they are aware, and things have been changed but still struggling quite a lot by just the constant pain



All i can say that if it is lupus, and you are struggling on the 4 hours, go back and talk to your gp as to continue you are exasperating the symptoms and it will make it along time before you will get any respite from them and long term damage can be done in the meantime.Listen to your body. In the early days i pushed myself regardless and then use to end up bedridden and no use to anyone or myself. I put my life in danger a few times- but now I wouldn't. I had to finish work . It is incredibly hard but you do survive if you have to.In time you learn to do different things and for me it gave me the freedom to reinvent myself as a self taught artist.I was alone with three dependent kids and a mortgage.I survived those years, don't ask me how but i did and you will too if it comes to that. It is amazing how resilient you can be .Don't be afraid. Without looking after your health holding down employment is very hard so don't beat yourself up over it. We all learn in time to embrace the changes this illness forces upon us.


Hi leanne21bull

Sorry to read how much you are struggling with your health. You could go to Citizens Advice who will run a benefits check to see what help you could be eligible for. They will also help you fill in the forms to claim as they know the best way to do this . Hope you improve soon, these are tough decisions to have to make. X


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