Found serious lung issues that occur in lupus

I found this article which describes - Lung problems that occur in lupus situation.

Some of the complications associated with lupus will be familiar to those who know little about this autoimmune disorder. For example, upper respiratory tract infections are common among the general population, but did you know that lupus patients are more likely to experience them?

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Thanks for this link: very helpful👍👏👏👏👏👏👏

My version of Lupus fits with this article. Lupus has affected my lungs somewhat: pleurisy & complex persistent pattern lung infections all my life. My lungs function, but aren't in top form. My pattern of lung susceptibility made sense when my infant onset lupus diagnosis was recovered 5 years ago in my late 50s, and daily systemic immunosuppression treatment begun. These recuring infections have damaged my lungs enough to give me bronchiectasis-type symptoms which I lifestyle manage fairly successfully most of the time.

Since 2011 when I started immunosuppression for lupus, I've had less lung infections trouble. But then a big surprise turned up: last year rheumatology referred me to immunology due to bad bone marrow blood test results. Immunology figured out that most of my life I've also have had early onset immunodeficiency running alongside my lupus autoimmune probs. My types of immune deficiency make me especially prone to pneumonia & lung infections.

So, now I know that immune dysfunction means we can be prone to lung problems for several reasons: in my case, lupus is one reason & primary immune deficiency is the other reason....and also there are the immunosuppression meds which help us so much

my consultants are continuing my immunosuppression treatment because it's so effective in controlling my lupus... While immunology continue to investigate & monitor my immunodeficiencies (hypogammaglobulinaemia & lymphopenia). My lungs are doing mainly ok

I'm replying at such length because I think it's important we realise that even without treatment on immunosuppression meds, our immune dysfunction can combine both over-action & under-action. And lupus patients with non-pharmaceutical-related immunodeficiencies can & do continue taking immunosuppression treatment.. can imagine how relieved I felt when immunology told me there was no question of stopping the daily immunosuppression meds that have helped me feel better in my 60s than I have since my 20s! The important thing, I guess, is that now my medics & I understand more about the condition of my lungs and their suseptibilities

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I was always having lots of pain in my chest for some years since the eighties along with shortness of breath. I was told I had a heart murmur so I just ignored the pain and shortness of breath thereafter.

In 2006 I was diagnosed with lupus and 2007 was told it has damaged my lungs (Pulmonary Fibrosis). I now use ambulatory oxygen because I am so breathless and need oxygen to get dress and just daily routines. I have been using oxygen since 2013 and that's because I asked if I could have the oxygen my Rheumatologist didn't see me when I was distressed and did not know how difficult it was for me to breathe even with the result of the Lung Function Test.

I now see two consultants together my Rheumatologist and Pulmonary consultant. This has helped to make sure I don't get miss managed again. I am also having the drug Rituxamab which we had to get funding for (it took over three years to get).

Before I was diagnosed with lupus I was told I had ME and I would always catch cold easy. You just have to mention you have a cold and it was like immediately I would have a cold.

Thanks again for letting others know about this issue we have with our lungs.

God bless xx


Am having tests at the moment to be considered for a lung transplant . I have severe emphysema as well as lupus . My tests came back and show inflammation white blood cell count was high is this because of the lupus even though it's inactive ? Also my iron levels were no existent !! Some explanations would be grateful am praying it goes through although I'm high risk I react to lots of drugs


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