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Hydroxychloriquine help please

I was given a brand of Hydroxychloriquine at the hospital after diagnosis of UCTD, not quite sure of branding.think it was white box red writing, I noticed very early on that i was feeling mentally more alert, and my aches were easing in just 4 weeks. I was on prednisolone for about 12 weeks before i commenced on hydroxy...I have since been given a prescription ftom the gp or quinoric and feel terrible after 1 week of taking this.

I know they say it takes 12 weeks but i really seemed to be picking up.

There must be something different in these tablets for sure although there both hydroxycloriquine

Any thoughts or experience would be helpful


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Hi Howsaboutit,

It's a good idea to go back to your GP and explain how you feel after been given this new brand. Quinoric brand is known to occasionally show some side effects.

You should be able to get the brand displayed on the prescription in the future, so if your GP decides that this is the problem it will be sorted out quickly.


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Thank you, iv been onto medicines management at the hospital and it seems i was given zentiva branded Hydroxychloriquine.

Prior to starting this treatment my temperature was persistantly low grade pyrexia, it is now reduced to normal range.

I have more headaches with quinoric and my stomach is a little turbulent especially during the night.

Iv got the first available appointment with my GP in 10 days time.


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