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Should I go back on hydroxy?

Hi if you have read my previous post you will see that my rhumey has taken me off hydroxy because my bloods were reading week positive and didn't believe I have lupus,

Recently been off them now for 5 weeks as the pain got so bad a couple of weeks ago I went to see GP who then did bloods again which came back still week positive but with anti dsdna of 83 which I believe is very high so he believes it's lupus, however he is reluctant to let me go back on the hydroxy before I see my consultant which isn't till March.

All this is making me panic as now I'm on nothing , should I just start taking them again ? I'm so confused and unsure what's best to do I've tried contacting my Rhuemy but of course no one has got back to me.

I'm seeing my doc next Monday to ask to change my rhumey as I'm not happy with him.

Another thing is if I start taking them again after 5 weeks without will they take 3 months to start working again.

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Hydroxychloroquine takes a long time to leave your system - it has what it technically called a 'long half life'. After only 5 weeks you will still have the drug in your body so it will not be like 'starting all over again'. You might find this page useful about hydroxychloroquine:

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Thankyou so much for your reply and I followed your link on hydroxy and found it very informative I feel less worried now xx


I don't think Hydroxy is a drug you should self administer. Could you ask the rheumatology nurse if your hospital has a helpline perhaps? Failing that I think you should ask your GP to contact your rheumy on your behalf about this because March is a long way off.

I am very sensitive to medications (over sensitive to many) and I flared up quite rapidly when I came off Hydroxy - within a week or so.


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