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Hyperhidrosis, feet pain,hand pain, lupus sle

I have been diagnosed with lupus sle, and for the past 3 months was dealing with a swollen leg, which has been UN treated by the clinic, gp and a&e.

Recently I developed extreme pain in my foot soles , finger tips with night sweats and hyperhidrosis in the feet .

the pain has incapacitated me, and its got to the point where I cannot even sleep, I have been taking paracetamol for a week continuously, and that has done very little to relive the pain.

I also upped my prednisolone thinking it would ease the pain, but have come to the conclusion that I have either developed neuropathic pain or diabetes.

I need help, because my local a&e and gp pretty much send me in cricles, to a clinic which takes for ever to respond.

What should I do, how can I relive the pain, I cannot do anything, and hate being incapacitated.

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I also have from a swollen leg, only the left one in my case. I was started on a dose of diuretic daily but with no success at relieving the swelling.

It always felt very painful and heavy.

At my last Rheumatology appt, the consultant gave me a methylprednisolone injection - I have now get them regularly - and for the first time in years ,the swelling has gone.

The injection has also helped joint pain too

Hope this helps you a bit, just keep reminding them at each appt about the swelling


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