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Had my PIP assessment today, not sure what to think!

Lady came to me home today and did my assessment she was here about 1 1/2 hours. I was told to fill my form in how I was effected on my worse day, but she said my assessment would be done on how I was today. She was nice enough but no idea how it went. Been replaying it in my mind!think I should have said this or that. She said to ring them in 8 weeks if I have not heard anything.

Told her I never had a normal day anymore, but bad or better than bad, she asked me for example how often I needed to help pull myself up off the loo and I said most days, she said oh most days u know the lingo! Do u use the Internet!

Well what's done is done, not told anyone except my immediate family that I have applied.

But does anyone know, if u appeal does it mean a face to face appeal, nearly having a panic attack just thinking about it.

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Hi Gymbabe

The first step in appealing is you ask the DWP to look at the decision again on a special appeal form. Then if you take it further it's a face to face tribunal. Hopefully you won't need to but if you do I'd urge you to get the help of a welfare organisation like DIAL or the Citizens Advice Bureau. Good luck for your result, hope you don't wait too long, it's so stressful!. X


Hi Gymbabe,

I too had to appeal against their decision but I went to my nearest DIAL which was in Papworth, as I live in Cambridgeshire. They are really helpful and they go through everything with you.

But they come out with the terminology that is suitable for your case, and they quote things too. I never had to have a face to face appeal, as they changed their decision straight away, but if you do have to I'm sure someone would go with you from there. So you really need to find your local DIAL office.

I hope this helps and good luck.



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