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Hoping you are all having a good day? Not posted in a while but felt the need to update. I had Rheumy Appointment in March. She has taken me off the hydroxycloroquine and prescribed Methotrexate starting at 10mg upped to 15mg with regular bloods to monitor the effects and the continuation of Celebrex also . I was given a steroid injection at clinic and sent home.. Felt awful for the first 3 weeks then what a transformation, my energy levels have risen and apart from my knees which have a little osteo I have no pain!! wondering if anyone else has experience of this drug wondering if this level of 'wellness' is going to last?

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I take methotrexate 20mg along with hydroxychloroquine 400mg but needed 6 weekly steroid injections for the first few months until the methotrexate kicked in. It has made a positive difference although for me, hasn't fully controlled symptoms and I am about to have Rituximab. Everyone responds slightly differently and it sounds like the methotrexate is doing a good job for you. Glad you're fee better x


Hi Debbiemay

Great to read of your improvement. Could have been the steroid injection suddenly kicking in or Methotrexate as it is very good for the arthritis!. It will be interesting for you to see if it goes on, if it does then it's the Metho working. Best of luck for it. X


I had a good experience with methotrexate combined with a steroid injection a few times a year. However my liver levels rose and I developed chest pains and a dry cough. Do try and keep out of direct sun as I found symptoms got worse after 3 weeks in a hot sunny country. My consultant has taken me off methotrexate and at present am not taking anything and feeling awful. All my aches and pains and tiredness have returned. I have another month before I see my consultant again and hope they will give me something to relieve my symptoms.


So sorry to hear that you feel so poorly. Every time I go for bloods I pray that there are no abnormalities as I can't believe what a difference the treatment has made.. I hope your Rheumy has some answers for you x


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