Not too long ago, someone alerted me to a video making the rounds on Facebook that took aim at people who go to the ER for pain medication. The video looked very professional, and the re-worked lyrics were set to a Taylor Swift song, "We Are Never Getting Back Together." It's a horrible video though, in that it perpetuates the stereotype that anyone who goes to the ER for pain medication is a junkie.

Having suffered from cluster headaches, and with my wife suffering from Crohn's disease, I can say from first hand experience that this is simply not the case. There are millions of people who live with chronic illness, be it Fibromyalgia, Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Interstitial Cystitis, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or any of a host of other so-called invisible illnesses. There are times when the ER may be the only option for any kind of pain relief, and to demonize those who suffer so much pain already is absolutely ludicrous.

Therefore, I could not let this video go unanswered.

What follows is something very different from what I normally do as far as educational chronic illness videos go. For better or for worse, it is me singing on the vocal track; and yes, I wrote all the new lyrics. Don't worry, I didn't try to sing along to a Taylor Swift song. Rather, I chose one from one of my wife's favorite bands, the Gin Blossoms.

I hope that this might serve as a counterpoint to that well-produced but ill-considered video that so many people think is an accurate representation of those who present at the ER with intractable pain.

PS. When the video loads, there's an option to watch in HD. I'd recommend doing that, it does make a difference. :-)


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Beautiful! Thank You for posting that video, and you sing quite well.I haven't seen the other video on FB, and I am glad.It is awful.We do pass around a picture on FB "Living with a Chronic Ilness"..It tries to explain just because you can't see someone's illness, doesn't mean they aren't feeling well. ♡

What happened by where I live is this.......In around 2011 we had maybe 12 heroin deaths, and maybe 40, if that, overdoses for the year in my state, then it jumped a couple years later to over ** 600** DEATHS...We just had 19 overdosws a few weeks ago in a county by me, with around 11 deaths that same weekend, ONE COUNTY..People who are addicts, use and give the pain medications, and us who suffer with chronic pain a bad name.The state I live in no longer gives scripts to pain meds at the ER because so many people were abusing vicodin..We have a horrid epidemic.

It is sad.People with chronic pain/illnesses suffer immensely. People can't necessarily see an illness, or chronic pain, so they automatically assume "he or she must be a junkie".Even pharmacy workers can be rude and degrading sometimes. .

Thank You again for the video.. :)


We get the drift. Seniors don't go to ER's for "chronic pain." Our pain comes from many illnesses that people develop after age 65. The people that make these comments have no idea what their future will be.


Thank you for sharing, well done!


Thanks for speaking out we need to be heard. Well said.


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