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Could this be fibromyalgia

Hi, I am a 47 year old active female with longstanding SLE/UCTD causing mainly joint swelling, leucopenia & Raynauds. In the past year or so, I have developed an extreme intolerance to cold in that the shivering in my neck, torso, hips and thighs is so violent that it causes me pain, fatigue and weakness. I have a diagnosed weak diaphragm ?cause and the after effects of shivering will cause me great difficulty breathing overnight due to fatigued resp muscles. Fibro has never been mentioned as a possible dx but, with no other logical explanation put forward, I am doing some of my own detective work. Tests for MG, thyroid, vit deficiencies etc all normal as was SFEMG in March (the EMG is performed in warm temps whereas this prob is caused by cold temps).

Can anyone relate to this? It is the cold weather this week that has brought it all back and I haven't slept since Tues due to trouble breathing. Warmer today thankfully!

Many thanks for reading. Clare

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Feeling very cold is often due to thyroid problems but, of course, you have been cleared of having this problem. Vitamin C might be an answer to try and warm up your body.


Thank you for your suggestion. My GP is going to run the thyroid tests again and spk to Rheumatologist & Resp nurse after I burst into tears from sheer tiredness! I hadn't heard that vit C can help but will give it a try - normal dose or the high dose? Thanks again. Clare


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