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Suggestions welcome

For some days now I have been totally devoid of energy and sweating from every pore on my body. Feeling so rough have slept almost constantly over last few days and only made it to the shower for the first time in days this morning.

I also managed to locate my thermometer this morning and even though sweating profusely the highest temperature reading was only 35.9

I have a gp appointment for tomorrow but if i still feel the same tomorrow and temperature reading is the same it will almost certainly be dismissed

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Hi Overnighthearingloss

So sorry to read your unwell. A couple of thoughts I've had. Could this be hormonal?. Have you been tested?. Despite no temperature could it be a viral infection? We are so prone because of the drugs we take!.,Finally there's always a flare, can you adjust your medication to see if it would help?.

Good luck for your GP appointment, let us know how you get on. X


Sorry I hadnt seen your reply

My worry was that I had seen some blood results with a number of abnormals but lymphocytes at 0.4 was worrying me. I had also submitted a urine test as I knew there was a problem but couldn't see a result

The good/bad news is that lymphocyte level is my normal? ??? But yes there was a urine infection and have been prescribed anti bs to sort it.

Hoping I wont need to take them as in a last ditch attempt to kill or cure/sink or swim I took just about every alternative remedy I have to turn the situation. And something seemed to take effect. More energy and sweats tailed off yesterday pm

But more importantly several weeks of having the urge to attend the loo stopped as well

Either that or I was touched by the hand of lazarus again :-)


Hi hearing loss

Glad you've found the cause of your ill health!. Urine infections can make you feel very ill. Drinking Cranberry Juice can help prevent and cure them.X


I have seen so many talk of cranberry juice but always resisted taking it as it is contraindicated against some of my regular meds which are supposed to be making me well.

This seems to be a bit of a recurring theme and makes me question just why we are tasked with taking meds that have so many potential downsides.

If you question the doctors there are almost robotic responses about the treatments being the best on offer but dont deviate in this way or that.

I don't doubt that the doctors are intelligent beings but in my opinion someone who lives with their condition 24/7 is often even better placed to judge what may provide the greater good.

Last week, I was convinced that the urinary issue I was experiencing was definitely not helping whatever was troubling my body and I was getting fed up with it taking so long to resolve. I bought cranberry juice, but the only one available that day was laden with sugar and as such had no real chance to show what it might be capable of achieving. Then a day or two later I went into complete meltdown, unable to do much more than get to the loo. Ordering in food as I had no energy to prepare anything. I did actually go 24 hours without eating anything and actually without any meds as I was too rough to sort them all for taking.

The weird thing is, and I have noticed this previously, I actually felt a little better after a days enforced fasting. Its like my body required it for some reason. No food and actually little drink but extended sleep.

It was after this that I decided to throw all off my vitamins and mineral supplements into the fray together and look for any changes. Together with spirulina, olive leaf extract, black elderberry, and a bee pollen preparation.

My fella was begging me to call the gp for an appointment but at weekends it was as likely as a meteorite hitting and the only other option was ending up in my local hospital which did not score too highly with me at my last admission.

I managed to make a gp appointment for the Tuesday but my alternative approach seemed to have caused major improvements before I saw the gp.


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